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  1. Dagon (2001)

    Dagon (2001)

    a film by Stuart Gordon, made in Spain 2001, released direct-to-video 2002, running time 98 minutes. In Spanish and English. Reviewed by nanoteuthis https://amzn.to/2XFihVW Rated R A man dreams of diving through undersea ruins where a beautiful mermaid beckons; as they embrace, she opens...
  2. Who and/or What is Cthulhu? (satire!)

    Who and/or What is Cthulhu? (satire!)

    Artwork by Greg Ewald Editor's note: In 2005, I asked Greg Ewald (@cthulhu77) and Erich Orser (@erich orser) to write an article to answer the popular TONMO.com visitor question, "what is Cthulhu?"... While this is not a holistic Cthulhu definition, a true, good description can be found in...