1. Visit to the NRCC (2002)

    Visit to the NRCC (2002)

    Two moderators met face to face in the autumn of 2002: Colin Dunlop traveled from Scotland to Texas to help Nancy King set up her saltwater aquarium and to accompany Nancy and her husband Bill to Galveston, where Colin and Nancy visited the National Research Center for Cephalopods...
  2. Octopus chierchiae hatchling aprox 3 WPH 2018, RC_RRSHL

    Octopus chierchiae hatchling aprox 3 WPH 2018, RC_RRSHL

    Working on a way to raise these that is less intensive, so the images aren't as awesome as I would like them to be...they are secondary, but still cool. These guys seems to collect amphipods when I feed, but it may an artifact of flood feeding rather then anything else.
  3. Col. Cuttlefish

    Culturing Cuttlefish!

    Hello all I am working in a lab and we have decided that it would be beneficial to culture cuttlefish. I have been given the responsibility of caring for them and maintaining the tank. We have a consultant coming in to set up the tank so that issue is taken care of, however any tips on caring...