1. Jean

    [Octopus Eggs]: Portobello news AKA Jean's still lurking

    Hi all, it's been a while since I've had anything to post :sad: largely due to the aquarium closure and recent demolition. In the first pic the octopus tank was the large ] one in the middle of the blue wall. However all is not lost, we have still a few wee tanks (Red Sea Max) and in one we...
  2. Jean

    Portobello Diary

    I've FINALLY got a digicam!!! So here's a pic of one of our Octopus (we have 4 at the moment Earle {After Dr Sylvia Earle, who was a reccent visitor here!}, Arrow, Squiffy and Trev). This is Trev who has spent the holidays meeting and greeting visitors for 10 -20 mins each day. Visitors could...