1. England’s Architeuthis

    England’s Architeuthis

    Only two Giant squid have ever been washed ashore in England. Although half-a-dozen have come ashore in Scotland and Ireland or been caught in nets in the North Sea, the tale of England’s Architeuthis is a curious one. Early on 14 January 1933, a group of bathers spotted a rather strange, inert...
  2. I Belong in a Museum

    I Belong in a Museum

    In 2008, Kat Bolstad visited the British Museum of Natural History in London and shared her experience with the TONMO community. by Kat Bolstad (tintenfisch) Last updated: Dec 2008 I would love to conduct a study on the different associations people have with the word 'museum.' Dusty...
  3. Nautiloids: The First Cephalopods

    Nautiloids: The First Cephalopods

    Introduction Imagine yourself standing on a bleak windswept Ordovician shore. It is 470 million years ago and you are standing on a rocky coastline staring out to sea. As you turn and pan the landscape behind you, all you can see are barren rocks, with no trees, plants or any form of animal...
  4. Ammonites: A General Overview

    Ammonites: A General Overview

    By Phil Eyden Note: Phil welcomes discussion on this article in the Cephalopod Fossils forum. Ammonites are extinct cephalopods and are among the most abundant and beautiful of all fossils. Although not as glamorous as Tyrannosaurus rex or as dramatic as Velociraptor, these extinct creatures...