1. L

    Hello from the U.K

    Hi everyone, I'm here after reading 'The Soul of an Octopus' by Sy Montgomery. As here is mentioned in her book as 'a haunting Cephalopod forum' I just had to join. I would love to meet like minded people, now I'm a little new to all of this, I'm 32 and recently actually stepped back and...
  2. TheSquidLord56

    Hello, Im new!

    Hello fellow cephalopods! I'm a kid who loves squids! My favorite squid is Architeuthis dux (might be cliché, but they are awesome). I've stumbled across this site a couple of times while looking up super nerdy squid stuff, but I realize that becoming part if this community could be beneficial...
  3. T

    Hello I'm thinking about getting a Cuttlefish

    Hi my name is Trinkuh i'm a stay at home mom from Ohio. I've own many different odd pets over the year..including my pet turkey who thinks he is a dog...a lap dog XD...i've had a few take over the years but never salt water due to never being able to pick what i would want more lol. I've always...
  4. Beaky

    Slàinte mhath!

    Hello from the Scottish Highlands. I live literally on the shore of a North West Highland sea loch, and venture onto the sea mostly by kayak these days (a bit too cold for snorkelling, and my scuba diving days are over due to ear injury). I've been fascinated by cephalopods for years...