1. O chierchiae male hectocotylus contraction rlc.jpg

    O chierchiae male hectocotylus contraction rlc.jpg

    Octopus chierchiae mating, The male is mounted on the female. The male's 1st. 2cd and 4th pair of arms can be identified by the presence of papillae on the arm tips. The 3rd pair of arms do not have papillae. The hectocotylus (3rd right arm) is visible at 11 o'clock. If you look about half...
  2. IMG_5291.MOV


    More video of Mazer, with more good hectocotylus curl.
  3. IMG_5290.MOV


    Mazer doing more stuff
  4. Polpessa

    flamboyant cuttlefish has two hectocotylus and uses them for hunting?

    Hi all, I was reading the 29:7/2014 issue of Ocean Geographic, and came upon an article about diving Lembeh Strait where the author describes the flamboyant cuttlefish (Metasepia pfefferi) as follows: "They have eight legs and two hectocotylus tentacles, which are twice as long and these are...