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  1. octobot

    [Aquariums, Museums & Labs] How to feed a Giant Pacific Octopus

    From cbs8: SAN DIEGO — "We are going to take a look at one of our most charismatic animals at the aquarium," said Kaelie Spencer. She is an aquarist from ... Continue reading...
  2. KD5054

    GPO-collecting for public aquarium

    I am working with a new public aquarium coming into my city by the name of Blue Zoo. We are at the point of being ready to collect our own GPO from Puget Sound. We have our permit approved for this. The drive back is about 5 hrs. Any tips on collecting or transportation that I can pass on...
  3. B

    Embryo of big octopus or squid?

    Hi! Several divers saw this almost round transparent sack floating 1 m above a reef at Weather Islands (väderöarna) north of Gothenburg Sweden 11 july 2018. Depth 8 m. 14 deg in water. The dots seemed to be on the surface and there is a grey area in the middle. Noone saw any attachment. Diameter...
  4. Giant Pacific Octopus eggs hatching, baby octopus

    Giant Pacific Octopus eggs hatching, baby octopus

    Filmed on Vancouver Island
  5. NEW bronze octopus sculptures!

    NEW bronze octopus sculptures!

    One of several new octopus sculptures I am currently designing... Ask about pricing
  6. gemmalovesoctos

    GPO Aquarists Wanted for University Study

    Hello, I'm new to the forum so I hope this is in the right place! I'm currently completing my 3rd year at university and I'm doing a research project regarding Giant Pacific Octopuses and how diet and environmental factors increase or slow their growth. I've emailed many aquariums across the...
  7. Dive Report - Madrona Point October 30, 2017

    Dive Report - Madrona Point October 30, 2017

    Some clips of PGOs at Madrona Point taken on October 30, 2017.