1. IMG_2410.jpg


    Closeup of bigeye octopus ("Octopus californicus") eye
  2. Juvie red eye.jpeg

    Juvie red eye.jpeg

    Closeup of a juvenile East Pacific Red Octopus (O. rubescens)
  3. Bigeye eye.jpeg

    Bigeye eye.jpeg

    Closeup of a North Pacific Bigeye Octopus (O. californicus)
  4. image0 (1).jpeg

    image0 (1).jpeg

    Comparison between the eye of a bigeye octopus (O. californicus, left) and juvenile red octopus (O. rubescens, right)
  5. IMG-1676.jpg


    Eye closeup of a juvenile red octopus (O. rubescens)
  6. Olive eye closeup.jpg

    Olive eye closeup.jpg

    Closeup of O. rubescens eye (edited)
  7. Olive eye closeups collage.jpg

    Olive eye closeups collage.jpg

    Eye closeups of a juvenile O. rubescens
  8. Olive eye closeup.jpg

    Olive eye closeup.jpg

    Eye closeup for a juvenile O. rubescens
  9. Jenelle

    Sick Octopus?? Eye Infected?

    Hello, I have an octopus what I believe to be a vulgaris. Have had him for about two months now and he went from being shy and showing signs of what appeared to be senescence to thriving. He went from being out during day and scared all the time to sleeping all day hidden, then coming out at...
  10. A. aculeatus eye

    A. aculeatus eye

    The shape and color of the eyes of Abdopus aculeatus are distinctive but you usually cannot see the individual chromatophores that that form the red edge.