1. octobot

    [Behavior & Cognition] The best animal escape stories

    From 9News: While most animals bust out of their enclosures thanks to an unlocked door or a distracted keeper, Inky the octopus managed an escape to make ... Continue reading...
  2. David John

    Octopus Documentary

    Hi there, I'm very curious to hear your go-to-anecdotes that you tell friends outside the cephalopod community when discussing looking after your animal We’re currently producing a documentary about octopuses. As we explore their biology and behavior, we will reveal just how intelligent and...
  3. mucktopus

    Midnight tank escapes- fact or fiction?

    Everywhere I go I seem to hear a different story about someone's octopus that got out in the middle of the night, crawled into a different tank (next to it, across the room, sometime it's even in another room), and then went back to its own tank after eating. Almost invariably these stories end...
  4. Joe-Ceph

    Escape Proof (and idiot proof) Top / Tank Lid

    I decided that the lid I would build for my octopus tank needed to be waterproof, octopus-proof, and idiot-proof (It must latch itself automatically just by being closed, and not rely on me to remember to latch it). This is what I came up with, and it works great! See the pictures at the...