1. The Old Empire

    The Old Empire

    Ruins of the Old Empire litter the world of Octopolis. Here the main characters explore a sunken subway station, abandoned except for a skeleton of the elusive two-tailed fish.
  2. Tom Hlavac

    GPO Encounter February 18 2023

    This encounter occurred on February 18, 2023 near Nanoose, BC, Canada (of Vancouver Island's Salish Sea coast).
  3. Tom Hlavac

    PGOs at Madrona Point, Vancouver Island, January 9, 2021

    There currently are 2 PGOs residing in the deep horizontal crack at Madrona's big wall. A third has burrowed a den at the bottom just east and below this crack. The Madrona PGOs feed primarily on the local crab population, there isn't a swimming scallop bed nearby.
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