day octopus

  1. SpimerYT

    Where can i get a day octopus or California two spot octopus?

    As the title suggests. Interview me, I know the research never ends but they are very demanding.
  2. SpimerYT

    Octopus cyena

    The day octopus is finaly at the store. I have a 30 gallon for it as a baby what size tank from there? Is it cruel to keep it in a 30 gal for ever or 35 gal. I know no fish but see others do it so what are some posible fish even if they could get eaten All types of coral, pencil sea urchin...
  3. binshabib

    [Octopus]: My first octopus (O. cyanea - Day Octopus)

    I have always been fascinated with the ocean. After keeping a reef tank for a year, I have decided to try to keep an octopus, I will try to document to the best of my ability my experiences. For those interested, I am currently keeping him in a fluval flex 32.5g with a bunch of live rocks with...