1. K

    Octopussy: Cellular Lingerie

    Hello TONMO Community! I have endless praise for this page and the posts that keep it rolling, keeping me close to the sea and these glorious creatures from octopus-less-London! By way of introduction, I have just graduated with a Master’s in Biodesign from Central Saint Martins, UAL. I...
  2. Masterofstuff124

    Breeding Food?

    So my plan is to buy Palaemonetes Vulgaris and Assorted saltwater Feeder Fish and nannochloropsis and Marine Rotifers all in the hopes that they will breed and be a steady source of food for my reefs and Cuttles(Sepia Bandensis) I will be purchasing all this from yes they...
  3. DWhatley

    Cephs In Comics and Other Humor

    In addition to an oft shown giant squid in the comic Lio, Go Comics has this series featuring the ocean and this entry came my way today