1. Inky trying to subdue a fiddler crab

    Inky trying to subdue a fiddler crab

    Inky is pretty tiny and in this video he's trying to do some UFC moves to get his dinner.
  2. AquariumDepot

    2 Clean Up Crews - Under 50 Bucks - Last Day at this Incredible Price

    Visit for these 2 Amazing Clean Up Crews The best part about Clean Up Crews is that will eliminate the excess food and waste that is often trapped within your rock, out of reach by the fish. The clean up crew is made up of small reef cleaners that are made for this type of...
  3. Bob 1000

    I have these crabs...

    I have these Live crabs and feed these to my personal octopus... I also ship these... With instructions on how to keep them alive, once they have been shipped to you.. These crabs also live in the tank with my octopus being fattened up with formula 2 pellets, waiting to be eaten.. They range in...