1. tonmo

    Newsletter #173 -- *2018 YEAR-END SUMMARY*

    ================================= Newsletter -- 12/27/18 The Octopus News Magazine Online ISSUE #173 -- *2018 YEAR-END SUMMARY* ================================= Hi {name}, Happy New Year, ceph-heads! As we look back on 2018, there is much cephy goodness to revel in, starting with...
  2. tonmo

    The Official "Hey, I'm at TONMOCON VII" Thread

    :smile: I always enjoy posting this one a few days before the event! Feel free to reply to this thread (or start a new one in this forum) to let us know when you arrive, share your experiences, etc. This is going to be a great event, for sure! Side note for the drivers: Parking: Bar Neck &...
  3. tonmo

    Look what "D" did!

    Nice work @DWhatley!
  4. tonmo

    Vendor Tables at TONMOCON VII

    We'll have a couple/few vendor tables at TONMOCON VII, during the social mixers on Friday and Saturday night. Beer, wine, book signings and maybe ceph jewelry... more to come! :beer::wine: TONMOCON VII at MBL, April 6-8, 2018
  5. tonmo

    Weather 2017 - Hurricane Irma, CA Wildfires, Winter Storms

    We had a brief thread about Hurricane Harvey in our Supporters forum, but I wanted to create a public one for Irma... It seems this morning this will be going up the West coast which is not good news for our friends at and around Mote Labs & Aquarium. Please stay safe!