1. tonmo

    Today's Google Doodle

    TONMOers should make a point of enjoying today's Google Doodle at Google.
  2. Your Webmaster

    Your Webmaster

    Illustrated by TONMO member ekocak.
  3. CaptFish

    Octopus Coloring Book Images

    Coloring book pictures of octopuses
  4. DWhatley

    Cephs In Comics and Other Humor

    In addition to an oft shown giant squid in the comic Lio, Go Comics has this series featuring the ocean and this entry came my way today
  5. Clem

    Octopus & Propaganda

    Cephalopods are major figures in one of man's least noble popular enterprises: propaganda. Despite their generally shy, retiring habits, octopus have long been used to connote villainy and dark intent. As such, they have also long been staples of propaganda illustrations. Their "alien" plan...