1. tonmo

    Anna Di Cosmo papers

    Anna is not a member, but she regularly shares papers with me for sharing with the TONMO community. Here is a pre-peer-reviewed item: The Struggle To Find Appropriate Anaesthetics For Invertebrates: Fast, Effective Anaesthetization Of Octopus vulgaris...
  2. Guns286

    Octopus Pet Care/Information Book(s)?

    I know that I always have the great resources of this site, but if you could recommend a book, or books, that every octo owner should have, what would it/they be?
  3. V

    [Octopus]: An Unexpected Visitor

    I was planning not to make an account here for around another year, but it seems like a certain hitchhiker had other plans. I got a new live rock for my 10 gallon reef aquarium today, and when I was placing the rock in, I saw something brown and squishy with arms with suckers, and it grabbed my...
  4. Lindsay

    What am I doing wrong?!

    4 years ago I had researched the care and keeping of Octopuses (specifically the bimac) and prepped a 54 gallon corner tank. After months of waiting for a bimac, I realized I wouldn't be able to get one and settled for the only available non-dwarf species, the exotic wonderpus. I thought it...
  5. Oakes_903

    Entertainment ideas?

    Hey everyone, I’ve had my mimic octo for a few weeks now and he’s been doing great, he is currently only eating frozen krill and silversides. He hasn’t tried eating my two Chromis fish or clown at all! And he’s been interested in a few of my red and blue leg crabs but hasn’t eaten any of them...
  6. gemmalovesoctos

    GPO Aquarists Wanted for University Study

    Hello, I'm new to the forum so I hope this is in the right place! I'm currently completing my 3rd year at university and I'm doing a research project regarding Giant Pacific Octopuses and how diet and environmental factors increase or slow their growth. I've emailed many aquariums across the...
  7. ailuropalescent

    Technical Report of My Cuttlefish Husbandry Experience

    Hello internet! I'm a student at The Evergreen State College and I had the unique experience to study the husbandry of dwarf cuttlefish for college credit! I wrote a 14 page long technical report about my aquarium setup, my feeding tanks, water quality and basically my entire experience that...

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