1. tonmo

    [Featured]: New Sy Montgomery Book: Secrets of the Octopus (March 2024)

    Sy Montgomery, author of NY Times best-seller Soul of an Octopus has a new book coming: Secrets of the Octopus. Here's the official page for this book, which comes out in March, and is a "companion book" to the new "Secrets of" series, which starts with octopuses, narrated by Paul Rudd...
  2. Guns286

    Octopus Pet Care/Information Book(s)?

    I know that I always have the great resources of this site, but if you could recommend a book, or books, that every octo owner should have, what would it/they be?
  3. The Octopus and the Orangutan (Book)

    The Octopus and the Orangutan (Book)

    by Eugene Linden Dutton, 242 pp, hardcover, 2002 ~ Reviewed by nanoteuthis ~ Consider the octopus, one of the most enduring and successful designs nature ever perfected. (p. 23) Thus begins the first of two chapters on Octopus intelligence – "The Riddle of the Octopus" and "Octopus...
  4. Danna

    New Book on Ceph Evolution--Seeking Input!

    Everyone loves dinosaurs, right? But I hardly need to point out here that the fossil record of cephalopods goes way further back, and is WAY more exciting. Isn't it time for ancient cephs to enjoy their version of the 1970's dinosaur renaissance? Well, last year I managed to convince a...
  5. tonmo

    They Eat That?

    I did not know that TONMO was referenced in this book from 2012... happened upon it today while doing some research... I need to compile a list of all the books which have referenced this site; it may be double-digit at this point! They Eat That?: A Cultural Encyclopedia of Weird and Exotic...