1. Octavarium

    Has anyone here ever owned Bobtail Squid?

    Also not quite sure where to put this in forums, because they seem more like an benthic octopus than pelagic squid from what little I know. But there small size, cute looks and colors, and being a ceph definitely interested me..I just have never seen any around for sale. When I had my...
  2. S

    Cephs/diving in China/Hong Kong/Taiwan

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any interesting studies being done on cephalopods (especially octopuses) in China/Hon Kong/Taiwan. Or any interesting species near there? Any ceph scientists studying cephalopods near there? There are a lot of grants etc. for work in China that I was hoping I...
  3. L

    help for the bobs

    i need help! when i went to check on my bobtails this morning, one of them was laying on the sand. it's body is white, but the eyes are clear (not cloudy) and it's not moving. i thought it might be dead, but when i pick it up the tenticles are moving. but when i put it down it just sinks to...