1. octobot

    [Climate & Ecology] Study Finds Climate Change Could Make Animals Shrink in Size

    From One Green Planet: Paleontologists studied the fossil record of a squid-like animal called the belemnite. Fossil records close to Portugal show a 40% reduction in the beak ... Continue reading...
  2. Belemnites: A Quick Look

    Belemnites: A Quick Look

    Note: Phil welcomes discussion on this article in the Cephalopod Fossils forum. Introduction Belemnites are probably the most well known extinct cephalopod after the ammonites. They are quite common fossils and have a worldwide distribution. They are a very characteristic and easily...
  3. R

    Belemite Hooklet?

    I was wondering if this is a belemite hooklet for sure? I broke it by mistake right after I found it. It was found in a cretaceous site.