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TONMOCON III: Monterey Bay, CA 2009

TONMOCON III: Monterey Bay, CA - June 19 - 21, 2009

Information Last Updated: 5/18/2009

TONMOCON III Event Details:

PLANNING TO GO? It's FREE -- but please let us know you're planing to go!

CAN'T MAKE IT? No worries -- we plan to broadcast at least some of it live! Just click here.


Monterey Bay, CA. Conference room and group rates for overnight stay at Monterey Bay Travelodge. Area visits are still being planned (e.g., Monterey Bay Aquarium).

Cost of Event:

It's free!

Lodging (Group Rate):

Call and mention TONMO.com, get room for $99 per night -- specify single bed or double bed, and smoking preference


June 20th (Sat) in banquet room (seats up to 105) - room opens 10:45am, presentations begin at 11am


Friday, June 19:

Arrival / evening meet & greet (location TBD)

Saturday, June 20:

11am: Tony Morelli (tonmo) - Introduction

11:20am: Greg Barord (gjbarord) - new research (past two years) on cephalopod husbandry

11:40am: Richard Ross (Thales) -- O. chierchiae husbandry

12:00pm: Kevin Bylund (architeuthoceras) - Cephalopod Fossils


1:00pm Jim Cosgrove -- "No Mother Could Give More"

1:45pm: Stephanie Bush -- Deep sea squid defensive behaviors

2:15pm: Erich Orser -- topic TBD

2:45pm: Richard Ross, Mark Montague, others, plus Live Chat room -- Ethics round-table

3:15pm: Olaf Blaaw (OB) and his colossal squid experience

3:45pm: Kat Bolstad (Tintenfisch) -- topic TBD

4:15pm Lou Zeidberg -- Dosidicus gigas

Closing remarks (Tony Morelli)

...meet out for dinner / drinks

Sunday, June 21:

Aquarium visits - Monterey Bay and/or Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco.
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