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Octopodcast (2005-2006)

Back in the day, I appropriately produced 8 episodes, which include interviews with members of the TONMO community.
Hey, I'm glad you're interested in our Octopodcast! A "podcast" is basically an audio event that is available for listening via an MP3 player. It can also be listened to over the Web. You do not need an mp3 player to listen to this program! Just click an episode below to download and listen.

Episode 1 (Pilot Episode): December 2005 -- 7 megs. 19 minutes, 34 seconds.
This is the pilot episode, where I try to work out some of my "ums" and "you knows"...

Episode 2: January 2006 -- 10 megs. 28 minutes, 41 seconds.
This episode features an interview with Carol Sauer.

Episode 3: February 2006 -- 10 megs. 27 minutes, 59 seconds.
This episode features an interview with Chrissy Huffard regarding “walking octopuses”.

Episode 4: March 2006 -- 7.2 megs. 30 minutes, 52 seconds.
An interview with New Zealand's Kat Bolstad (tintenfisch on TONMO.com) about her work with cephalopods.

Episode 5: May 2006 -- 6.7 megs. 28 minutes, 58 seconds.
This month: community updates, an interview with Brian Walls (WhiteKiboko on TONMO.com) about his new job, Tako the Octopus, The Legend of Silly Octopi, and music by Bob Bosco and also the song “Jimmy the Squid” by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.

Episode 6: June 2006 -- 7.3 megs. 30 minutes, 45 seconds.
This month: newsletter announcement, interview with Colin Dunlop!

Episode 7: August 2006 -- 3.8 megs. 16 minutes, 21 seconds.
This month: the Cthulhu-cast! Hosted by Erich Orser and Gregory Ewald. Also, the full mp3 recording of The Innsmouth Look, by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.

Episode 8: December 2006 -- 3.6 megs. 15 minutes
This month: brief end-of-year wrap-up from yours truly.

Thanks for listening! You can discuss the Octopodcast in our forums.

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-- Tony Morelli, Webmaster, TONMO.com
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