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Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni hunting Dosidicus gigas

Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni hunting Dosidicus gigas

Two squid models I made. The Mesonychoteuthis has a mantle length of 7,5cm and a full length of 18,5cm and the Dosidicus a mantle length of 5,5cm and a full length of 9,5cm. Okay, they are not in the same scale, and I think they never meet in nature, but it looks cool seeing the Mesonychoteuthis hunting another large squid. I tried to make the models as accurate as possible. I don´t know how accurate the head of Mesonychoteuthis really is, and I had to modify the clubs of its tentacles, because the hooks were very tiny, so I couldn´t adapt as much and as small hooks as they really have. I needed about 9 hours to sculpt Mesonychoteuthis and about 3 for Dosidicus, plus some hours research.

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