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Movies and Books

Cephalopod-themed book and movie reviews

The Octopus In Cinema

Excerpt from Richard Ellis' book, Monsters of the Sea (shared with permission)

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Movie)

Movie Review by Adam Eli Clem

Beast by Peter Benchley

Review by Richard Ellis

Cephalopods: A World Guide (Book)

Reviewed by Nancy King

It Came From Beneath The Sea (Movie)

Reviewed by Nancy King

Beneath The Sea in 3D (Book)

Reviewed by Melissa

DAGON (Movie)

Reviewed by nanoteuthis

Deep New Zealand (Book) by Peter Batson

Reviewed by Tony Morelli

The Lost Continent (Movie)

Reviewed by Nancy King

Octopus and Squid (Book)

Reviewed by Nancy King

The Octopus and the Orangutan (Book)

Reviewed by nanoteuthis

Incredible Suckers (Documentary)

Reviewed by Nancy King